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Uniseal Competition

During this Summer (2018) The Uniseal Shop are going to be running a regular free competition on our face book page -


We will be offering a number of Uniseals free every time we run the competition which we plan to hold weekly with the competition draw made on Mondays.

So what do you have to do? Just follow the instructions below.

How to enter our free Uniseal competition -

1. Go to
2. Find the competition post and Like our Page.
3. Share our competition post with two friends on facebook.
4. Like the competition post and leave your name in the comments.
5. You can if you wish enter the competition every week.

From your comments we will harvest the names and make a draw out of the "hat". Whoever comes out of the hat will be the winner for that week.

Anyone is entitled to enter including people that you share the post with, and, we will send the Uniseals at our cost anywhere in the world!

Get Liking and good luck!


Winners of the Uniseal Competitions so far -

22nd May2017 - Jason Robinson 5 x U200 2" Uniseals

29th May 2017 - LouLou 10 x U100 1" Uniseals

5th June 2017 - Christopher Sigle 5 x U150 1 1/2" Uniseals

12th June 2017 - Vickie Smith 3 x U400-SDR35 Uniseals

19th June 2017 - Vickie Smith 5 x U075 3/4" Uniseals and 5 x U150 1 1/2" Uniseals, yes that's ten Uniseals

26th June 2017 - Vickie Smith  10 x U100 1" Uniseals

10th July 2017 - Adam Immie  3 x U300 3" Uniseals

24th July 2017 - Adam Immie  5 x U125 1 1/4" Uniseals and 1 x 3/8ths" Uniseal

7th August 2017 - Lee Denton  3 x U400 4" Uniseals 


Handy Kenny
Handy Kenny
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