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Decking Solutions

Decking is a great way to enhance your home and extend your entertainment options taking the inside outside so to speak.

Converting an existing patio area into decking increases interest in the garden area. The photo on the left shows a garden area before a decking solution is applied.

Click the photos to view a larger image.
Before the decking was constructed
Decking completed The decking here has been built around the existing conservatory at the level of the existing step on the right and brings a previously unused area of the patio in front of the conservatory into focus. There are also steps down to the patio area on the right hand side with a further set of steps hidden from view behind the conservatiory leading to a little used path on the far side on the house.
Another view of the decking area. Note that this deck has been created using redwood which is more durable (and slightly more expensive) than the softer white wood.

The decking comes pressure treated so there is no real hurry to apply a preservative but if you do, try not using the heavily coloured type, you are ony condemning yourself to annually re-applying the colour.
Another view of the decking area

If you would like to contact Handy Kenny then please call 07484 171458 .

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Handy Kenny
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