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If you have ever costed up Amtico flooring for your home you will no how really expensive that could be. I did. I wanted a floor that looked like real wood and real stone mixed and the Amtico solution came to more than �5000 for the area we wanted to cover. So we came up with a better and more cost effective solution than the Amtico floor covering that looked like wood and stone which is surprise surprise - real wood and real stone.

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A completed wood and stone floor
The floor is made from Chinese slate supplied by a company in Edinburgh but also widely available now from companies like B&Q and costed in at around �22.00 per square metre for the stone itself. The wood is actually reclaimed English oak timber from an old 18th century hall in Congleton which has been remanufactured into 20mm floor boards and cost around �25.00 per square metre. Similar flooring which is pre-finished and lacquered is also now available at around �25.00 per square metre. A completed wood and stone floor
The floor links through from the dining area past a granite island breakfast area, through the cooking area and into the utility room to the back door.

The Stone is millions of years old and the wood is hundreds so there is a good chance that it will outlast me or even the house for that matter. In the mean time the wood needs to be re-varnished every couple of years and the floor re-sealed in about every three.
Amtico, Karndean, I think not!

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