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Welcome to HandyKenny

Thanks for visiting our website which has been created to help our customers understand what services we can provide within our local area which is around and about Livingston West Lothian.

If you are feeling let down by some of the plethora of tradesmen out there who are too busy to look at your job or don't even call you back, then try HandyKenny - no job too small. Even if you would like to do the job yourself but need a helpful hand and some professional tools then give us a call, your friends will be amazed at how well you have managed to do the tiling, decking, floor laying, shelf fixing or whatever (and I won't be telling them!)

Our operatives have gained experience over tens of years in all of the trade areas and can help you look in the right direction if we think that a job is too big for us.

We have recently been building a Koi pond and have sourced a handy tank connector known as a Uniseal which can take the place of a bulkhead or tank connector and is fitted with less aggrevation. They are in short supply so we have started to sell these from the site so be sure to have a look. Uniseals

If you would like to contact HandyKenny then please call 07484 171458 .

Remember - No Job Too Small!

We have launched a new product, Uniseal tank connectors. Check out the menu on the left of the page.

Floor sanding
Handy Kenny
Handy Kenny
Pressure Washing
West Lothian
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